There are many different types of civil claims. You might be owed money by someone who has failed to pay, you may have a dispute over goods and services or property or have a business or partnership dispute.

At Kings – Solicitors we aim to provide solid, accurate legal advice to individuals and businesses on a wide range of disputed issues. We consider the facts of your case together with the relevant law and decide whether you have a valid claim against someone else.

If you do, our experienced and approachable Litigation Solicitors will help you assemble your case within the relevant legal framework. We will ascertain the limitation period (the timescale within which you may bring a claim), obtain and prepare witness statements, determine the whereabouts of the defendant, gather relevant evidence and documentation, examine the facts, investigate quantum (the value of your claim) and if necessary hire experts and instruct Barristers.

We will keep you informed of progress at every stage so that you are able to make informed decisions on which direction you want your case to take.

We will act for you on a private client basis and give you an indication as to likely costs from the outset. In some circumstances we may be able to act for you under a Conditional Fee Agreement (no win no fee).

Please Contact Us through our website or call into our offices for more information on our litigation services.